Long Term Evolution-Advance is a standard high speed wireless communications that provides 4G+ speeds for mobile phones and devices.
With Fixed LTE you can now enjoy high quality connectivity, which mean you can now access online applications and streaming faster.
It also means less down time. Is there no ADSL or Fiber in your area?
Then Fixed LTE is the perfect choice for you.

Super-Fast Speeds

Enjoy speeds of up to 150Mbps* in ideal Fixed LTE network and coverage conditions with compatible hardware.

1 Month Data Rollover*

If you don’t use it, you won’t lose it. Any unused Anytime data rolls over for one month, so you can bank your unused data and use it later.

No OOB. No Surprise Bills

Out of Bundle data rates don’t apply. Just Top-Up your service when you run out.

You can get a SIM only deal from us where you can use your own Router but you will need to check with us first if your router is compatible.

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Great News As of 1st December 2021, these package will be Upgraded free of Charge!

Current Package NEW Packages
30 + 30 GB 40 + 40 GB
60 + 60 GB 90 + 90 GB
100+ 100 GB 200 GB + *Uncapped After hours
150 + 150 GB 400 GB + *Uncapped After hours
200 + 200 GB 600 GB + *Uncapped After hours

*Fair User Policy applies

Fixed LTE
30GB + 30GB  LTE  


LTE Data per month

60GB + 60GB LTE  


LTE Data per month

100GB + 100GB LTE 


LTE Data per month

150GB + 150GB LTE 


LTE Data per month

200GB + 200GB LTE 


LTE Data per month

300GB + 300GB LTE 


LTE Data per month

500GB + 500GB LTE 


LTE Data per month

TopUps from Available

Select your hardware

ZTE MFZTE MF286c R2599.00 Huawei B525 R2499.00