LTE Advance

Long Term Evolution-Advance is a standard high speed wireless communications that provides 4G+ speeds for mobile phones and devices.
With LTE Advance you can now enjoy high quality connectivity, which mean you can now access online applications and streaming faster.
It also means less down time. Is there no ADSL or Fiber in your area?
Then LTE-A is the perfect choice for you.

Jeocom Application form

Cell C LTE Advance
50GB Cell C LTE Combo R399.00 per month
100GB Cell C LTE Combo R599.00 per month
200GB Cell C LTE Combo R899.00 per month
Rain LTE
25GB Rain LTE-A Combo R359.00 per month
55GB Rain LTE-A Combo R599.00 per month
85GB Rain LTE-A Combo R899.00 per month
120GB Rain LTE-A Combo R999.00 per month
220GB Rain LTE-A Combo R1399.00 per month
330GB Rain LTE-A Combo R1599.00 per month

Select your hardware

Huawei B315

Priced @ R1859.00 once off

Huawei B618

Priced @ R2499.00 once off