ADSL Routers

High Speed ADSL2/2 Internet Connection
* Built-in ADSL interface
* 54Mbps Wireless LAN
* 4-port Ethernet Switch
* QoS and Firewall protection
* Works with all major Internet Service Providers
* Supports UPnP Product Description: ULTIMATE INTERNET CONNECTION The DSL-2750U wireless ADSL router is an affordable high-performance ADSL router for home and the small office. With integrated ADSL2/2 supporting up to 24Mbps download speed, 802.11g wireless LAN, firewall protection, Quality of Service (QoS) and 4-port switch.At Only R1199.00

The DSL-G225 VDSL2 N300 4-port Wireless Router is everything you need for high-speed Internet access in your home. It combines a VDSL2 modem and high-end wireless router together to create a single, easy-to-use device that connects to the Internet, and shares that connection with all of your devices. Plug in a USB storage drive to effortlessly share your documents, video, photos, and music or connect to a printer.

At Only R1399.00