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Open Serve Fibre lines

  Fibre-to-Home is ultra fast Broadband and by far the best way to connect to the internet. UNCAPPED.UNTHROTTLED.NO-THRESHOLDS  25/25 Uncapped Fibre line  R599.00 per month  50/50 Uncapped Fibre line  R799.00  per month  100/50 Uncapped Fibre line   R1015.00 Data per month […]

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Long Term Evolution-Advance is a standard high speed wireless communications that provides 4G+ speeds for mobile phones and devices. With Fixed LTE you can now enjoy high quality connectivity, which mean you can now access online applications and streaming faster. […]

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VoIp Phones

The DP722 is a DECT cordless IP phone with 20 hours of talk time and 250-hour standby time. It has a suite of robust features including support for up to 10 SIP accounts per handset, full HD audio, 1.8 inch […]

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Inverter Ups


Don’t get caught in the dark during Load shedding, get one of our Inverters with your choice of 1 or more batteries to power your TV, DSTV Decoder, a laptop and an Internet router. Duration all depends on how many […]

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Change the SMTP Settings in Outlook

Change SMTP Settings in Microsoft Outlook Setting up E-MailChange your outgoing smtp mail server in Microsoft Outlook Once you have Microsoft Outlook open click on tools In the drop down window that opens select email accounts (2003) In the drop […]

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Email Setup

Email Setup This Step-By-Step guide shows you how to set up Microsoft Outlook to work with your e-mail account. This guide focuses on setting up Microsoft Outlook 2003, but these settings are similar in other versions of Microsoft Outlook. You […]

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WiFi Security

WiFi Security This guide is to help you understand the basic terminology and concepts on wireless routing, in some cases your Wireless Router / AP may not support some of the security features mentioned below, in that case it is […]

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Router Setup

Router Setup This is a simple step by step guide and is intended to give you basic information on how to set up your DSL connection, in some cases you might find that your setup differs slightly to the one […]

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